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Ooooh Yes! I'm in!

Welcome to the sexy 7 day journey into Erotic Finances that will radically expand HOW MUCH pleasure and abundance you can receive and hold.

are you sure you're ready? ;)


Babe, liberating your Sex + Money is the gift that keeps giving.💎 🌹💦

So lets get real, there are two MAJOR things that Money + Sex have in common.....

*Desire + Shame*

Thanks to the endless joys of societal norms, parenting, and the many layers of systemic oppression we are navigating every day, 

no wonder you have some limiting beliefs, societal programming, past experiences, trauma, and ancestral energies blocking you from feeling free and turned on in your relationship with both Sex + Money and it turns out, they are just two different expressions of the same underlying current of energy.

  • You may feel guilty about spending money on yourself and can't seem to devote any of your time to pleasure or believe you're not enough or deserving. (fucking been there)
  • Or you overspend and over indulge without truly   s o a k i n g   in the joy and pleasure around your spending and sexuality. (yup been there too!)
  • OR you feel in a pretty good place, AND you are ready to take it to the next level and see how it can get even better🔥(fuck yeah)

You see the truth is when you open yourself up to receive more Orgasmic pleasure from an electric state of confidence, self security, unconditional love, radical fucking expression, fiery sense of belonging, KNOWING that you are so fucking worthy and beyond, it is IMPOSSIBLE for it to not translate into your wealth and abundance.

Regardless of where you are starting from 

- whether you are reading this from your cracked iphone screen and have reservations and a hard time letting go and receiving with Sex, 

OR you are an self employed  pleasure queen rocking 5 figure months - 

you get to exponentially up level these two paradigms for yourself in a really fun and playful way, because that's the way it fucking gets to be!

You are about to enter into the deliciously rewarding world of Erotic Finances 🔥


  • You want to break free from the scarcity matrix
  • You are sick of avoiding Sex, Pleasure, + Money because you associate it with painful memories or feeling unworthy
  • You are fucking READY to make Sex + Money + Self-Love permanently associated with being turned on by yourself, your life, and your greatness
  • You know there is a higher level of wealth consciousness you can reach and you want to do so through erotic pleasure and play
  • You cannot wait to step into the next uplevel of your Sex + Finances through PLAY and Fun rather than "fixing" what you think is wrong with you (hint: absolutely nothing is wrong with you)
  • The idea of dripping in liberation on all fronts of your life by opening up to radically empowered and turned on states  of being
  • You're ready for something to STICK and expand you like nothing has been able to before. You have been calling this in🔥

babe, I cannot wait for you to get started!!

So what exactly are you opening yourself up to??

💎A new world of being turned on by you, your life, and feeling so excited to check your bank account. 💎A whole damn palace filled with erotic exercises that keep you in a state of deep liberating pleasure and power every time you think about Money or Sex. 💎A complete overhaul on your relationship with money and sex that reflects masterful confidence, comfortability, and fun!! 💎Every aspect of the dollars you spend and receive will feel like a joyful expression of your highest sexiest self. 💎You will no longer be avoidant, fearful, or full of shame when it comes to your connection with money and sex. 💎You will become a magnetic sexpert when it comes to honoring, exploring, + receiving your Desires + healing Shame.
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Okay, Sooo I'm turned on, what's included? ;)

  • Daily Erotic Rituals that will blow your freaking mind and send you into a state of bliss, play, and orgasmic radiance

  • Daily Pleasure Practice to nourish and honor your inner masculine + feminine energies so you feel grounded and sexy

  • NLP subconscious reprogramming tools to really go DEEP into that beautiful wild brain of yours and hook it up for successssssss

  • Custom Mindset Rituals for even more healing and reprogramming for abundance, liberation, and healing

  • Permanent access to revisit and repeat time and time and time and time again until your little horny heart is just the happiest it can be

My love this isn't just a challenge and I this is NOT about "fixing" you.

this is a bold adventure where you will f*ck yourself open to the sweet taste of money + sexual liberation of your dreams.

Take my money & give me the vibes bitch

You will absolutely not be the same after this.💋

The reason WHY this 7 day adventure is so dang powerful is because each daily erotic ritual action you do will anchor this new state of liberation into your subconscious and nervous system. AKA this shit lastssssssss💦

Not only will it reprogram your shame but each day will invite you into a safe space of erotic liberation with fun and pleasure baby!

When you can root into an incredibly empowered state of being you are 1000% more likely to own and honor your desires and take action towards them!!! 

Whether it be the relationship you've always wanted, the confidence you could never tap into, the financial freedom you have been too scared to go after and attract because you're so fucking MAGNETIC in your power.

Why am I teaching this???

Because I come from a laundry list of trauma and BS beliefs that were passed down to me. I have given in to these mindsets and ways of being for SO MUCH of my life and I am not perfect, however, I have done the fucking workkkkk of liberation on all fronts baby and it's a level of abundance I want for every single human.
When we all are liberated from these energies of shame and own our desires and our power to CREATE, damn, that turns me on thinking of a world like that.

It GETS to change. It gets to be freaking amazing and pleasurable and the best shit ever. Your time and THIS MOMENT of claiming your power is the most priceless shit you will ever encounter or be gifted in your life.

You are ready for this.

Life is way better turned on💋

I cannot wait to celebrate how much MAGIC you manifest after this juicy fucking adventure!

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  • How does it work?

    First you sign up and then you get instant access to this self guided course.

  • Do I have to be in Shamanic Sex to join?

    No but I highly reccommend you get your butt into there as well!

  • Is it just for women?

    No this is for humans of all genders or no gender <3

  • Can you guarantee results?

    I can guarantee this will be a wild and fun adventure but you will get out of it what you put into it! All I can do is give you the recipe, you have to bake the cake my love.

  • I have some serious sexual trauma I am working through, is this the space for me?

    First, I am so happy you are doing the work for yourself babe!!! Absolutely nothing I offer will ever be a replacement for therapy and seeking medical attention. This is a 7 day short fun program, and while it will be healing, it is not focused on deep trauma work. If you are seeking that level of healing support I recommend reaching out to me for 1:1 where it's more intimate and we really dive into the pain and healing.<3

  • How much is the investment?

    Total Value: $399. But for my B-day gift to you, I am offering all of this for $123😊.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Nope :) I want you to fully trust yourself and listen to if it's a fuck yes or not. You absolutely will get something out of this babe