Take Your Power Back From Anxiety

How to transmute your anxious energy into your most empowered Spiritual Warrior self

I used to stay up all night watching youtube videos because I was too anxious to go to sleep until the Sun came up. 

Every single level of my Spiritual Awakening over those first few years I felt so alone and all of this new energy I was feeling in my body and mind -- I used for Self Destruction.

One thing I have found in common with all the Spiritual Warrior clients I work with now is that same anxiety. 

All I wanted was for someone to help me understand what in the world was going on. 

I spent so much time googling symptoms, feeling lost and desperate to feel normal.

I had SO many anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and manifested many difficult situations because I did not know how to transmute what I was experiencing into empowerment.

My gift is helping you release so many limiting beliefs that are keeping you from soaring into your potential, and my biggest mission is for everyone to feel supported and learn how to embody their BRAVEST Self.

Now that I have not only completely transformed my relationship with this energy but I actually utilize it fully as part of my SUCCESS as an empathetic and spiritual warrior doing everything I can to serve and make a huge difference in this world. 

The best part is that I get to help beautiful humans like you choose every single day you are stronger and bigger than any obstacle and that the anxiety you are experiencing can actually be used for your empowerment!


- Where does Anxiety + Overwhelm come from?

- Why it is SO painful.

- How your Anxiety is actually your Super Power.

- How to lean on Anxiety for support and massive expansion.

- Navigating massive Fear + Ego Deaths.

- How to release Fear + Anxiety from your body.

- How you can incorporate these empowering teachings into your every day life.

- Rewire toxic limiting beliefs and reclaim your power.

- Learn unique and powerful Energy Clearing exercises.

- BONUS: tools for extra support and freedom.


This is NOT meant to replace therapy or medication, this is purely to assist with creating more tools for your emotional/mental/spiritual health tool belt. Always consult your mental health physician.

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Girl, I am so ready to heal my relationship with anxiety.

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Course curriculum

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    • Welcome! FREE PREVIEW
    • Where does Anxiety and Overwhelm come from??
    • What actually IS Anxiety? How it is your Super Power?
    • What is this awakening calling you to do? How to use your gifts for Success and Expansion. What is your Sacred Compass? Healing Self Betrayal.
    • Why is it so painful? Navigating Spiritual Awakenings with Ease, Flow, and Power
    • Rewiring Your Beliefs To Embody Your Bravest Self. The Truth About Being Empathic, Psychic, Intuitive.
    • Tools and How To Cleanse Your Energy and System. Writing A New Story
    • BONUS: EFT Tapping for Fear and Anxiety